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Haskap Vinaigrette

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Your salads deserve the best dressing! Our authentic flavors blend with first cold-pressed oil, apple cider vinegar from La Maison Orphée, our boreal spices, our La Métisse sauce, our haskap syrup and maple syrup from Érablière Au Sucre d'Or. A blend of unique flavors is homegrown.

To be enjoyed on a salad of lettuce, cabbage or carrots. Exquisite as a marinade for fish, seafood, tofu and chicken.

100% natural, with no artificial colors or flavors.


Organic first pressing canola oil, organic raw apple cider vinegar, haskap syrup, maple syrup, La Métisse Camerises Mistouk hot sauce, organic garlic, organic mustard, nutritional yeast, boreal spices and sea salt.