Welcome to our family history

Camerises Mistouk is a family business specializing in the production and processing of haskaps.

Our field contains 70,000 growing plants, which makes us the largest haskap producer in Quebec.

Company history

The company was created in the spring of 2014 under the name Camerises du Lac with the planting of 76,000 haskap plants spread over 38 hectares of land.

In 2018 , we opened our field to the public, to allow people to come and discover haskap by self-harvest.

In 2020 , we expanded our business by acquiring Camerises Mistouk, which is a haskap processing company.

In 2021 , we implemented three new cultivars, to allow visitors to discover different varieties of haskap.

In 2022 , we expanded our business by acquiring Épicéa, which is a boreal spice processing company.

In 2023 , we joined the association of economuseums by becoming the economuseum of haskap and boreal spices.

Our mission and our values

Our mission is to introduce haskap to berry lovers for its nutritional values.

The values that we have at heart are perseverance, respect and above all family.